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Your success is our success. 

Cavan Media Productions was established in 2019 to serve provide photography and videography services in Cavan Town.

It all started back in 1990 as Tinko, founder and director, graduated from Baghdad International School with recognition for outstanding achievements in Photography under prof. Saad Al Din. 

Through the decades photography and videography for corporate and private events became a calling as he travelled Asia, Africa, Europe and USA.


With the emergence of digital photography and social media, Social Media Marketing, the creation of websites and content for business promotion on social media became a natural addition to the skillset. 

Locally we have mentored and provided our partners with the additional skills they need to create Social Media strategies and content, produce professional photos and videos, and digital and print media for:

Cavan County Local Development (Breffni Integrated),

Cavan Cross Cultural Community,

Cavan Volunteer Centre,

NYAH Cavan (Martin Donohoe),

Esker Lodge Nursing Home,

Alzheimer's Community Cavan,

The Secret Garden flowers,

Fairy Hands Therapy Belturbet, among others. 

We offer solutions tailored to meet the business needs and goals of local businesses.


Our team stays ahead of the curve, constantly keeping up with the latest trends and technology to ensure that your social presence is competitive and up to date. Incorporating AI (artificial intelligence) tools in your social media work will greatly improve your visibility on the market, provide fresh and expert inspired ideas and streamline promotion.


Our aim is simple: to help you connect with your customers and achieve your sales objectives through effective use of social media platforms and print media. Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness, invite customers to social media platforms of your choice, or generate new customers, we have the experience and expertise to make it happen.

If your business is struggling to produce corporate videos and professional photos, and your staff do not have the skills to design print materials and social media content, we can produce content weekly, or mentor members of your staff to acquire the skills to do so themselves. 


We have the capacity to create and manage company social media accounts, create content calendar, produce content, schedule posts, provide analytics and improve post effectiveness.

Our goal is to build the capacity of our partners to have powerful and sustainable Social Media presence.

Your success is our success. 


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